Ok..so I have a thing for tiny animals. And the means to snuggle them.

In general, I love ALL tiny things. I love miniature toys, mini replicas, tiny felted animals. The craze now with the videos of people cooking tiny amounts of food in tiny pots and tiny ovens. I even still have a tiny plastic sewing machine that I played with when I was very little. That's the only toy I had as a child that I still have now. Kind of funny, considering what I do for a living.

I never associated my love of all things tiny with my job. Not until now that is! In the last few years, most people I am surrounded by have a small pet. A guinea pig, a tiny dog, a bunny. I had no idea how much I loved these tiny fur babies. 

My friend asked me to make a snuggle sack for her daughter's guinea pigs, so she could cuddle them while watching a movie, or just chilling in the living room. Then, I gave my sister a baby bunny for Christmas. And that, my friends, was the beginning of Tiny Snuggles.