The Sewist Blog

What would you like to learn?

Hello Worcester Creatives!

I am so happy to be starting this new adventure in sewing with you! The Sewist will combine two things I love. Sewing, and Teaching.

This first blog post is intended to be an intro to what is available, and also to engage you, possible new students, with suggestions!

I will be creating classes based on what I like to sew, and what I think is appropriate for different skill levels. However, what I REALLY want to know, is what YOU would like to learn!

Do you want to know how to hem your pants? Shorten your sleeves?

How to make an apron?

How to sew in zippers?

How to make Pillows?

Do you want to host a sewing birthday party for your child? Or just a fun sewing party for adults?

Do you want a one on one, or a group lesson?

I will be proposing a few classes that I will be hosting at the Worcester Pop Up this month, which you will be able to find on my calendar of events here, as well as on the Worcester Pop Up website.

One is a workshop on making a holiday stocking. The other is how to make an infinity scarf.

In the meantime, comment comment comment! Or email me! I want to know what you want to learn!

xo Kim