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Kimberly Rose by Zaum

After many years of designing and creating bags, it can start to eat away at your conscience how much waste is created producing any kind of object.

I've made many trips to donation centers donating scraps, and wondering if there's a better solution to waste.

I started playing around with scraps of odd materials, thinking it would be great to be able to make items with small scrap pieces, but I didn't think it quite fit in with the Zaum look.

After much research, trial and error, and trips to salvage centers, I decided to go for it.

Kimberly Rose by Zaum is a sister line, making bags only out of dead stock, discontinued fabrics, out of production lots, and sometimes seconds. All the leather and cotton used in these bags was stopped from being in a landfill. In my book, that's a win win.

Still excellent and unique design, but the materials used are a bit more friendly to the carbon footprint.

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