Why Buy Handmade?

In this global economy everyone is quite aware that when we shop at most online chain stores, we are in many cases, spending our American dollars overseas. We usually choose to visit chain stores to find high quality at lower prices, but even in high end stores, a quick label inspection might reveal the overseas origins of a $450 purse.

The reality is that when American dollars are spent at stores that support foreign manufacturing, the money goes out of our economy and never comes back. This easily results in lower wages and layoffs for American workers, and some of them could easily be part of your family or a neighbor down the street.

Today the quality of manufactured items is at an all-time low, but because of the supposed affordability, we are somehow forced to buy them, not realizing that we have other choices. Handmade products are generally far better in more ways than one, and they should be sought out whenever possible. Consider these reasons to buy handmade items, and discover why handcrafted goods are almost always better than anything made by machine.

Higher Quality 

Quality is one of the biggest reasons to buy handmade items. Things made by machine are not nearly as good - at least not always. When a person that cares about their handiwork creates something they consider valuable, it will be of the highest quality in every possible way. This is especially true if they connect their name with the items they sell. They want people to buy their goods, and they want them to appreciate the quality.

Made with Pride

Another one of the greatest reasons to buy handmade items is the amount of pride that goes into each and every stitch, brushstroke or whatever it takes to create it. If someone cares, it will most certainly show. They will care about mistakes and imperfections. This goes back to quality. Human beings are capable of creating amazing works of art whether they are designed from cloth, wood, yarn, canvas, clay or something else all together. 

Highly Unique

Handmade items are highly unique. Even if they have been traced or stenciled, no two items are exactly the same. This is another one of the main reasons why people should buy handmade items over manufactured items. Their uniqueness makes them worth far more than anything similar made by machine. Handmade works of art or everyday items vary in unique and appealing ways.

High Value

Considering the aforementioned reasons to buy handmade items, they are priceless in the true sense of the word. Almost everything tangible is assigned a value, but it is the uniqueness and level of quality that makes handmade items truly precious. Buy handcrafted products whenever possible, and fill your home with unique decor, furniture, fabrics and other goods of the highest quality.

Artisans do not get paid for their time. When calculating what they earn for every hour they carve, paint, sand, cut and stitch their work, they receive only pennies, but the results are nothing short of spectacular when they craft their items with talent, pride and passion.