New Sister Line......Kimberly Rose by Zaum. Upcycled Handmade bags.'s only been 3 years since a blog post has been written. Perhaps it's time to get my groove back, no?
How about we start with a recap of the last 3 years, which leads to the new line of Upcycled bags.

Back at the end of 2014, I had a major life upheaval. Moved my living quarters out of Hull, MA, Moved into a new studio, split from my husband, and basically, in a nutshell, started over with nothing but the bolts of fabric on my back ;).

I was faced with the decision of "what now". I was quickly poor. Not like.. well maybe I can't go on vacation this year poor, but POOR poor. The kind of poor where you look at your rolls and fabric and wonder how much you can get for them so you can actually buy food. That kind of poor.

I have to admit, I did immediately search for new jobs. Different jobs that had nothing to do with designing and sewing bags. Anything and everything. Turns out, no one wants to hire someone who has been running their own teeny tiny company for the last 12 years. So by default, I had to keep trudging.

I can't say how glad and grateful I am that I did. Even though money is still tight, the reward of being able to actually do something you love for your job, is priceless.

Moving on...

in my flurry of trying to crank out new designs and stock, while also taking on contract work, left my studio constantly filled with remnants of deadstock from clients, over runs, and basically, so much waste. It felt so wrong to just dump so much good fabric in the dumpster. I did recycle and donate when I could, but even that was becoming too much extra work.

It dawned on me that I could actually start a new concept line of bags using only "waste". It really does feel bad to continuously buy new bolts of fabric, and be left with plenty of "extra" and have to figure out how to ease your guilt of the environmental impacts of running even the smallest business!

So... I turned my waste into treasure. I've found a few sources for dead stock, over runs, seconds, and out of print fabrics.

I'm still using the same streamlined, minimalist clean designs, but the materials are new. And I'm loving it.  I love saving fabric from the landfill. I love using salvaged materials. And I love love love the already distressed and imperfect quality of some of the leathers. It's been a blast creating this new line, and I hope you'll love it too!

Just one last all of you who have been my faithful customers and friends for so many years, I am so grateful for your continuous support. I absolutely could NOT have kept Zaum going without you, I owe you so much.

Now, go take a look at the new bags!