What is Style DNA?

We often hear about our DNA, and about how those unique molecule structures shape our own personality in so many different ways. Here at Zaum we know everyone is different, and we love to embrace such diversity when fashion and everyday wearing come to play. 

We recently received a few orders for two highly customized bags and we were immediately surprised by the choice of color and patterns that were associated with those requests. During the production we ended up loving those choices and the freedom of expression that such choices really end up giving out. 

The first order was a laptop bag that involved mixing very different materials together and ended up creating a stunning combination of colors, feel to the touch, and pattern integration. We ended up loving this bag so much that we promised ourselves to produce a few more, and even accentuate the integration of very diverse materials in the upcoming future. 

The other was an order for a beach bag that could happily combine two opposite styles of patterns. The combination of heavy linear chevron and vintage toile really created a totally unexpected outcome, giving the bag a very unique style that will show its own brilliant personality wherever it goes. 

We would love to know what you think of these unexpected choices, and at the same time, tell us more about your own. So go ahead and send us a line to let us know. We love to create in your unique style, and enjoy such incredible diversity.