Go Ahead, Create Your Own.

If you have been on a laptop bag lookout you must be aware of the lack of uniqueness and good looks that usually surrounds most of the laptop bags available in the market. Almost every laptop bag out there is black, is made of very cheap material and is being put mass produced from places all around the world.  


When we began making bags ourselves at Zaum, we wanted to make something truly different, use more colors, add more functionality, and most of all, create something absolutely unique and somehow unrepeatable.  

This of course was not an easy task, but we decided to forge ahead and concentrate our efforts in the making of a truly unique product and possibly give our customers the ability to somehow design their own bags by themselves, using their own taste and inspirations, and proudly parade them around anywhere they go with gusto. 

Our custom made Laptop bag, although equal in dimension to the ones you will find in our store, are very highly customizable, using diverse fabrics and materials, making each bag truly unique to the customer. Each bag gets all the fixings of a basic laptop carrier—padded computer section, pockets for plug-ins,  interior and exterior pockets, and an extra sturdy shoulder strap. 

So if you’re looking to carry around your laptop in your own style and truly stand out from the the boring black bag crowd, try our newly redesigned custom made page and give it a go. We cannot wait to help you spread around your own taste, and let you color the world around you.