Men with bags. Think different.

From the pages of many recent fashion magazines it is becoming clear that men’s bags are experiencing a design evolution and finally losing their stigma as sitcom fodder.

We initially became aware of this transformation when we started planning a laptop bag that could fit the whole Apple Macbook product line, and includes a protective sleeve that can also be used separately. 

We sketched out the Portabile Laptop Bag in response to the numerous mass produced bags that began to show up in the market few years back. Those models were well designed and well thought out, but missed the point of being as unique as the people that use a macbook everyday for their creative work and their leisurely moments. 

When we fist put together the initial prototype we were taking inspiration from the brilliant campaign Apple and Chiat Day produced together in 1997 with the direct involvement of Steve Jobs himself.

We wanted a product that would be able to not just carry a laptop with ease anywhere, but also would help its owner to make the same bold statement the campaign was making then. Think different. 

We still love this special bag, and we keep on making all the customizations many customers ask from time to time. Colors, pockets, texture and materials, keep focusing on the customers unique aspirational demands, and imagine them going around their neighborhood, splashing it with their very own colors. 

Our Portabile Laptop Bags are available in almost any color imaginable, and in either the vegan, or organic model. They come in three sizes as well: 13", 15", and 17".