Easter Craft with Kim!

Good Morning Local Parents! Do you need a little break from holiday prep and shenanigans? Is your whole family coming over for Easter Dinner? Are you overwhelmed with kids asking to do Easter crafts? 

Sign those kiddos up for an Easter Craft with Kim! We will make this adorable drawstring bunny treat bag, and when their bag is done, we will also make some cute paper egg holders. You get a bit of a break, and the kids get to do an Easter craft. Win win!!

The Deets: $20 per child. 1.5 hours. 3-6 children per session. My place or yours! (YES you read that right, I will come to you, just like Mary Poppins with my magic bag)!

Message me to book a time and date. Choose between 9am-8pm April 13 or 14, and between 9am-8pm April 20.

Hoppy Easter!

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Handmade Wedding Dress.

After so very many painstaking hours of pattern searching, pattern buying, remaking a pattern from scratch, and making mock up dresses, I finally settled on a design I liked, made the final tweaks to it, and went with it. 

I love how it turned out. I don't think I would quit my day job to make wedding dresses, but I'm glad I did it for myself. 

I fell in love with the off white rough raw silk when I saw it in the fabric store. I thought the pattern I made would lend itself very well to this silk I loved, so I took the plunge, and emptied my wallet on the silk. I think it was a good move. 

In the meantime, I had ordered the embroidered flower tulle from Hong Kong, and was quite nervous about it arriving in time, or getting held up in customs, which, as we know, happens every now and then.

When all was said and done, My pattern was made in time, I had enough muslin for sample dresses, and all silk and tulle was in hand with plenty of time to spare. 

After 3 mock up muslin dresses, Expletives galore over darts and mis-matched..ahem...breast sizes, I finally ended up with a dress and fit I liked. I think the dress came together very well. I loved the flow of the greenery and the flower stems along the dress. 

And after walking through the marshy low tide in my gown, sweating up a storm while dancing, and walking along the beach for an evening beach bonfire, I even love the mud and dirt at the bottom of my dress. I'm contemplating having it cleaned or not! 

Above all else, I especially love the man behind the reason for having to make a wedding gown in the first place.

Although the daily bump and grind doesn't change much once married, I do find myself contemplating life in general a bit more often now, and how to further my career and business.

I'm thinking of diving into teaching sewing, and taking on custom sewing projects. I find so much pleasure in creating unique and individual objects for different people's homes, tastes, styles, etc. It's always rewarding and refreshing to be asked to make cushions for a sun room patio, or to teach a child how to sew. 

I think I'm going to dive in and do it. If you're local, and you have a sewing project that's waiting to be done, an old ottoman that needs a refresher, window treatments, or even if you would like to learn how to sew, (or make your own wedding dress)!! drop me a line!

xo Kim




New Sister Line......Kimberly Rose by Zaum. Upcycled Handmade bags.'s only been 3 years since a blog post has been written. Perhaps it's time to get my groove back, no?
How about we start with a recap of the last 3 years, which leads to the new line of Upcycled bags.

Back at the end of 2014, I had a major life upheaval. Moved my living quarters out of Hull, MA, Moved into a new studio, split from my husband, and basically, in a nutshell, started over with nothing but the bolts of fabric on my back ;).

I was faced with the decision of "what now". I was quickly poor. Not like.. well maybe I can't go on vacation this year poor, but POOR poor. The kind of poor where you look at your rolls and fabric and wonder how much you can get for them so you can actually buy food. That kind of poor.

I have to admit, I did immediately search for new jobs. Different jobs that had nothing to do with designing and sewing bags. Anything and everything. Turns out, no one wants to hire someone who has been running their own teeny tiny company for the last 12 years. So by default, I had to keep trudging.

I can't say how glad and grateful I am that I did. Even though money is still tight, the reward of being able to actually do something you love for your job, is priceless.

Moving on...

in my flurry of trying to crank out new designs and stock, while also taking on contract work, left my studio constantly filled with remnants of deadstock from clients, over runs, and basically, so much waste. It felt so wrong to just dump so much good fabric in the dumpster. I did recycle and donate when I could, but even that was becoming too much extra work.

It dawned on me that I could actually start a new concept line of bags using only "waste". It really does feel bad to continuously buy new bolts of fabric, and be left with plenty of "extra" and have to figure out how to ease your guilt of the environmental impacts of running even the smallest business!

So... I turned my waste into treasure. I've found a few sources for dead stock, over runs, seconds, and out of print fabrics.

I'm still using the same streamlined, minimalist clean designs, but the materials are new. And I'm loving it.  I love saving fabric from the landfill. I love using salvaged materials. And I love love love the already distressed and imperfect quality of some of the leathers. It's been a blast creating this new line, and I hope you'll love it too!

Just one last all of you who have been my faithful customers and friends for so many years, I am so grateful for your continuous support. I absolutely could NOT have kept Zaum going without you, I owe you so much.

Now, go take a look at the new bags!


Why Buy Handmade?

In this global economy everyone is quite aware that when we shop at most online chain stores, we are in many cases, spending our American dollars overseas. We usually choose to visit chain stores to find high quality at lower prices, but even in high end stores, a quick label inspection might reveal the overseas origins of a $450 purse.

The reality is that when American dollars are spent at stores that support foreign manufacturing, the money goes out of our economy and never comes back. This easily results in lower wages and layoffs for American workers, and some of them could easily be part of your family or a neighbor down the street.

Today the quality of manufactured items is at an all-time low, but because of the supposed affordability, we are somehow forced to buy them, not realizing that we have other choices. Handmade products are generally far better in more ways than one, and they should be sought out whenever possible. Consider these reasons to buy handmade items, and discover why handcrafted goods are almost always better than anything made by machine.

Higher Quality 

Quality is one of the biggest reasons to buy handmade items. Things made by machine are not nearly as good - at least not always. When a person that cares about their handiwork creates something they consider valuable, it will be of the highest quality in every possible way. This is especially true if they connect their name with the items they sell. They want people to buy their goods, and they want them to appreciate the quality.

Made with Pride

Another one of the greatest reasons to buy handmade items is the amount of pride that goes into each and every stitch, brushstroke or whatever it takes to create it. If someone cares, it will most certainly show. They will care about mistakes and imperfections. This goes back to quality. Human beings are capable of creating amazing works of art whether they are designed from cloth, wood, yarn, canvas, clay or something else all together. 

Highly Unique

Handmade items are highly unique. Even if they have been traced or stenciled, no two items are exactly the same. This is another one of the main reasons why people should buy handmade items over manufactured items. Their uniqueness makes them worth far more than anything similar made by machine. Handmade works of art or everyday items vary in unique and appealing ways.

High Value

Considering the aforementioned reasons to buy handmade items, they are priceless in the true sense of the word. Almost everything tangible is assigned a value, but it is the uniqueness and level of quality that makes handmade items truly precious. Buy handcrafted products whenever possible, and fill your home with unique decor, furniture, fabrics and other goods of the highest quality.

Artisans do not get paid for their time. When calculating what they earn for every hour they carve, paint, sand, cut and stitch their work, they receive only pennies, but the results are nothing short of spectacular when they craft their items with talent, pride and passion. 


Go Ahead, Create Your Own.

If you have been on a laptop bag lookout you must be aware of the lack of uniqueness and good looks that usually surrounds most of the laptop bags available in the market. Almost every laptop bag out there is black, is made of very cheap material and is being put mass produced from places all around the world.  


When we began making bags ourselves at Zaum, we wanted to make something truly different, use more colors, add more functionality, and most of all, create something absolutely unique and somehow unrepeatable.  

This of course was not an easy task, but we decided to forge ahead and concentrate our efforts in the making of a truly unique product and possibly give our customers the ability to somehow design their own bags by themselves, using their own taste and inspirations, and proudly parade them around anywhere they go with gusto. 

Our custom made Laptop bag, although equal in dimension to the ones you will find in our store, are very highly customizable, using diverse fabrics and materials, making each bag truly unique to the customer. Each bag gets all the fixings of a basic laptop carrier—padded computer section, pockets for plug-ins,  interior and exterior pockets, and an extra sturdy shoulder strap. 

So if you’re looking to carry around your laptop in your own style and truly stand out from the the boring black bag crowd, try our newly redesigned custom made page and give it a go. We cannot wait to help you spread around your own taste, and let you color the world around you.


What's in your Wallet?

Sure everyone needs a wallet, but why do we almost always end up choosing a boring one? Women tend to carry a large variety of things along with them, and they almost always go for a wallet that has enough room to accommodate the things we have, and might have in the future. 


We believe that almost every woman is a fashionista at heart, and with one glance will spot what every other woman carries with her, be it her clothes, shoes, purse, and of course her wallet. After all, we are judged by the things that we carry and are part of our everyday lifestyle.

Many people imply that the best wallets are only those that come from luxury brands, but while those brands usually make you feel like a star, they really end up not saying much about who you really are, and because of their big price, you will probably end up with a big empty space in your freshly purchased wallet. 

Going with a customized handmade wallet really gives you the ability to express yourself and surface your most colorful aspirations, and gives the people around you the excuse to connect and initiate engaging conversation. You never know where those could end up. 

That is why we decided to create a a chic, vegan vinyl wristlet wallet that holds all your essentials along with your own personality, and carry both of them around for your own lifestyle's secret show. The Lidia Vegan Wristlet Wallet offers you six credit card slots, one large pocket for your phone, a pocket for papers or bills, and a zippered pocket for your spare change.


A new fresh look. New website.

We are pleased to announce the release of our new website, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, updated with the latest information about our handmade products, and a completely new shopping experience. 

One of our main goals was to build a user-friendly and simple to navigate site. The new design allows the users to quickly find our entire range of products thanks to a low hierarchical structure, and great visibility all around. Throughout the process of developing our new web presence, we wanted to create a more accurate depiction of Zaum that is not only direct and informative, but also very inviting and highly engaging.

To design our new website we decided to rely on the newest and coolest website builder around.  And there’s a reason why we did. The drag-and-drop, pinch-and-expand UI is clean and natural, facilitating experimentation without requiring page reloads to tinker with different parts of the site. We loved this platform, and we really think that Squarespace is a CMS for designers endeavoring to tweak their site into something unique and because unlike anything else, perfect for our purpose.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing our new site, easily finding more choices and more information each time you visit, and that it will be yet another tool for strengthening our existent relationship with everyone in the fashion and apparel community. We hope that visiting the new site, you will feel the commitment, the passion, and dedication of everyone here at the Zaum. 

Please stay tuned over the next few months as we will be releasing new products and website features, including a brand new customization tool that, once again, will help you customize any bag within our product range. Happy Visiting from everyone here at Zaum! 

What is Style DNA?

We often hear about our DNA, and about how those unique molecule structures shape our own personality in so many different ways. Here at Zaum we know everyone is different, and we love to embrace such diversity when fashion and everyday wearing come to play. 

We recently received a few orders for two highly customized bags and we were immediately surprised by the choice of color and patterns that were associated with those requests. During the production we ended up loving those choices and the freedom of expression that such choices really end up giving out. 

The first order was a laptop bag that involved mixing very different materials together and ended up creating a stunning combination of colors, feel to the touch, and pattern integration. We ended up loving this bag so much that we promised ourselves to produce a few more, and even accentuate the integration of very diverse materials in the upcoming future. 

The other was an order for a beach bag that could happily combine two opposite styles of patterns. The combination of heavy linear chevron and vintage toile really created a totally unexpected outcome, giving the bag a very unique style that will show its own brilliant personality wherever it goes. 

We would love to know what you think of these unexpected choices, and at the same time, tell us more about your own. So go ahead and send us a line to let us know. We love to create in your unique style, and enjoy such incredible diversity. 

Men with bags. Think different.

From the pages of many recent fashion magazines it is becoming clear that men’s bags are experiencing a design evolution and finally losing their stigma as sitcom fodder.

We initially became aware of this transformation when we started planning a laptop bag that could fit the whole Apple Macbook product line, and includes a protective sleeve that can also be used separately. 

We sketched out the Portabile Laptop Bag in response to the numerous mass produced bags that began to show up in the market few years back. Those models were well designed and well thought out, but missed the point of being as unique as the people that use a macbook everyday for their creative work and their leisurely moments. 

When we fist put together the initial prototype we were taking inspiration from the brilliant campaign Apple and Chiat Day produced together in 1997 with the direct involvement of Steve Jobs himself.

We wanted a product that would be able to not just carry a laptop with ease anywhere, but also would help its owner to make the same bold statement the campaign was making then. Think different. 

We still love this special bag, and we keep on making all the customizations many customers ask from time to time. Colors, pockets, texture and materials, keep focusing on the customers unique aspirational demands, and imagine them going around their neighborhood, splashing it with their very own colors. 

Our Portabile Laptop Bags are available in almost any color imaginable, and in either the vegan, or organic model. They come in three sizes as well: 13", 15", and 17".